First things first.

Okay, first things first. I have to admit, with this blog you are dealing with an addict. I, Amanda Wasserman, am severely addicted to spending money. I’m addicted to aquiring new clothes. I’m addicted to that sensation you get when you first step into one of your favorite stores. The bright lights, the clothes neatly hanging on SO MANY HANGERS. I could just browse all. day. long. Unfortunately for me, this isn’t the healthiest addiction to have. For as long as I’ve had a debit card (aka access to my bank account) I’ve had money control issues. I love swiping, I can’t help it. At the tender age of 18 (and a day, practically), I acquired my first credit card with a limit of $250. After numerous bailouts from my parents (20th birthday present, 22nd birthday present, loans, etc) I’ve actually managed to maintain a decent credit score, and only a small amount of debt to this day. Yay! I’m not as bad as others out there, trust. No need to attend the local Shoppers Anonymous meetings, yet.. recognition of the habit is the first step to overcoming it, right? Let’s hope so.

Another (much healthier) addiction of mine is my music. When I say “my music” I mean, the certain bands I love. When I love a band, I tend to get overly into them,¬†repeating songs 10x in a row, bringing it from my iTunes, to my phone, to my car, to the gym, to my friends cars and so on. Once I get over the initial “honeymoon” stage with the band, I gently stack them away and note yet another life-changing group to have affected my life. I’m much more into music than most of my friends, and only occasionally can I find someone on the same page as me with one of my fav bands. And when I do, I get SUPER EXCITED!! So please, as I write, shout out when you can relate, it will bring me much joy.

With my addictive personality set aside, I consider myself to be a good reference for great shopping spots, great shopping deals, and overall fashion guidance, all while listening to/suggesting finger-snapping good tunes. So please, follow, learn and interact. I’m a 25-year-old girl from St. Louis with a fashion background, living in LA for my third year. I’ve got a good grasp on the Angeleno culture, yet I’m well aware I have much to learn and much to explore. Follow me on my journey as I begin my first “big girl” fashion job on May 2nd. Follow me as I encounter the endless struggles of the adult world. Follow me as I discover new music, venues, concerts, weekly’s as well as interesting news about my favorite bands.

Please reach out with any questions, concerns or suggestions. I can easily be reached @ You can also follow me on twitter.

Looking forward to entering this huge blogosphere of ours and sharing my world with you all.

xo, Amanda

2 thoughts on “First things first.

  1. LOVE the blog! I too tend to spend way to much money, but how can you not with all the beautiful clothes out there?!?!

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