Shop Review: Taxi CDC – Echo Park, LA

Living in Los Angeles, you wouldn’t exactly consider Echo Park to be one of the cities’ better shopping destinations. Although delicious taco trucks, cheap bar specials and broke hipsters may come to mind, specialty shopping isn’t one of EP’s most notable enticements. However, like most neighborhoods in LA, it has its glorious gems. Take Taxi CDC for example. Luring me inside with a colorfully-patterned display of sale items, I knew I was in for a treat. Putting a spin on vintage shopping, the owner and designer Deborah Brosenne, has taken ordinary classic pieces such as button-ups, polos, and t-shirts and created one-of-a-kind designs in the form of dresses, tanks, tube tops, you name it. They even have a small section for men. Along with the one-of-a-kinds, the other side of the shop had less “re-worked” vintage clothing for sale at amazingly low prices. I bought a pair of black aviators with a red middle strip for only $3. I was also impressed with the array of simple {yet incredibly unique} jewelry made by Nous Savons, handmade fur and feather creations by the Feathered Leopard, as well as their wide selection of vintage Coach shoulder bags and Justin boots. I noticed the key trend with everything in the store was quality.

After making friends with the sales girl {hi Berry!!} I took some pretty pics and left with my sunglasses, excited about my cool local shop.  I thought about what Berry told me, how Deborah’s focus is to create a less disposable society. If we all did something creative with the clothing we don’t care for anymore, our closets would be much less packed with worthless stuff and much more of an inspiration…


Taxi CDC is located at 2148 Sunset Blvd on the south side just east of Alvarado.

One thought on “Shop Review: Taxi CDC – Echo Park, LA

  1. Wish I could shop there! (And sell them some old coach purses….) Ha! Love the concept of reworked vintage!!

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