Trending: the Culotte

Ladies, let’s face it: high-waisted denim shorts don’t look good on most people (and by most people I’m talking anyone over 110 lbs or shorter than 5’9). Lucky for us shorties, there’s the culotte. Not only comfortable but also super flattering. The key is proportion, since the shorts are usually baggier, keep the top more fitted. Also, if you have short legs, pair a higher hemline with heels or wedges. Another nice thing about this 90s trend is that you can virtually get away with any color or pattern, just make sure the fabric is lightweight. Plllease please please refrain from the gaucho look by keeping the hemline either right above the knee (see below) or ankle length. I love the way this blogger paired them with a just-as-lightweight and sophisticated blouse.


More examples:



3.1 Phillip Lim via (btw, they’re on sale!)

classytrash via

and one of my favorites:

Vena Cava via

How might you wear this trend? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Trending: the Culotte

  1. i love the culotte trend and mostly everything from the 90’s that’s made a comeback. (the rest can stay in the 90’s)

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