Social Media Propaganda by Aaron Wood

Over the last few months I’ve really developed an intense love/hate with the giant industry that is social media. I blame social media for my recent absence from this blog (you can find more of my writing/inspiration on my company blog IDFine). My job title of “Senior Account Executive” seems ancient and almost inappropriate as I’ve taken over responsibility for the branding of our new clothing line. Granted, IDFine is showing its first collection next week at MAGIC in Vegas, so we’ve been super slammed gaining our brand exposure, with focus on having a strong presence within the social media community. So as much as social media is taking over our lives, I’ll admit… we need it.

I’ve recently discovered a blog that I find so fascinating, even the posts written in Portuguese I gain from. The blog is called Chicquero and inspired me to posts these fantastic social-media-knockin’ posters by Aaron Wood.

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