Inspiration: Menswear Spring 2012

Guys, you have no idea how many skirts and see-through tank tops I had to dig through to find these gems. Men’s fashion is not too far from women’s these days, borrowing many trends that women have been wearing for years.  This season, most importantly, men should realize that they need to GO FOR IT. Wear those red pants. Rock that crazy print, maybe even under another crazy print. That yellow is not too bright. Yes, those purple pants are for men. Many of the guys I know are afraid to take the plunge. I assure you, it doesn’t make you gay {rolls eyes} to be into fashion, in fact, it’s SEXY for a guy to take a risk with what he’s wearing. Hopefully the boys can get a little inspiration from the following Spring 2012 collections:

J. Crew




Alexander McQueen

Balmain Homme

Balmain Homme

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum

Costume National

Dolce & Gabbana




Frankie Morello

General Idea






John Galliano

John Varvatos

John Varvatos

Louis Vuitton

Michael Bastian

Michael Bastian


Vivienne Westwood

Big Trends to note:

~ bold prints, don’t be afraid to layer and combine different prints. Try polka dots layered over thin stripes.

~ cuffed pants {still}

~ skinny, squarish ties. Wear with everything.

~ bold-colored pants. Yellow, red, blue, orange. DON’T BE AFRAID. Cool it down with a subtle, neutral tone on top. Grey + olive green are major colors for spring as well.

~ shorts are getting shorter

~ mandals. It’s spring time, bust out the mandals. And if you’re feeling super bold pair them with neutral socks.

~ boat shoes, driving shoes and loafer-types are still cute. Same goes for shoes: think bold, printed, and unique {studs, stripes, polka dots, etc.}

~ same with sneakers, but try them with tall neutral socks

~ for the love of god, don’t be afraid of a cardigan. It should be your best friend, your go-to layering piece.

~ fitted blazers of all colors

~ anything from Iceberg

~ Kurt Cobain-esque hair is all over the runways. Straight and just passed the shoulders.

~ sporty track jackets of all colors

~ pop of neon {belt, shoes, etc}

Good luck!

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